Runescape F2P Money Making Guide 2013 NO SKILLS REQUIRED

Runescape F2P Money Making Guide 2013 NO SKILLS REQUIRED
Watch this Video and Make Money Fast!

Runescape F2P Money Making Guide 2012-2013 NO SKILLS REQUIRED iPHONE 5 FREE→ Making money in Runescape isn’t like it …

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yomama yopapa says:

i earned 3m!!!!!!!!!!!! i love this method!

evan taamez says:

i personally earned 5m in 3hours using my grape method

evan taamez says:

this video is great for people who have money and like to merch but there needs to be a way to get money in the first place.
1.great way is to collect grapesfrom gobling in lumbridge or guards they drog 3 grapes every 3-5kills each grape is worth 1500gp just three of them is more profitable than a inventory of cowhide a full inventroy of grapes is around 25-35k

coltrix41 says:

This really works easy money. May take time but worth it

anton strömbom says:

Go to for free gold on Runescape. ENJOY! ”U can also get all your stats to 99”

Jared Ellis says:

can I do it with 1m?

MineCraftRespect223 says:

lol the title says 2013 but posted 2012

sketchetch Lapis Lazuli says:

It works I got the game 2 days ago and I made 8k

Jimmy jim says:

Would rune scimmys be okay?

HulkRemade says:

Usually Death Runes work for me at 2mil which shouldn’t be too bad for you

MrGamer AppLe says:

Thanks Bro From 10k i got almost 13k thanks !!! :)

Kyle Sceptre says:

It doesn’t really matter what world, Just until a player buys the item you are merching in the Grand Exchange

Pawzez says:

Lol all these dislikes probably come from people who are awful at merching. Personally, I liked it because it was well explained, a good video and there was no glitches or whatever.
I have one question, however.
Does this work better on a more crowded server or does the grand exchange span all the servers.

TheSuperNhox says:

it does not really work,but i will try annother items.

CharliesGamePlays says:

if you lost 30 mil your fucking terrible at merching. A fucking monkey can make huge amounts og gp. ive made way over 100 mil total on over a couple hundred items without even trying. re watch this video or something

wes wallis says:

wow, this really works

emre turk says:

guys dont do this u loose alot of money iv lost 30m from doing this.

mark hill says:

what do you normally sell?

jake34522 says:


jake34522 says:

OMG this works!$!%@^%#$^^#^^W#^%@#%@%@%$141

Hiran Sooriyaarachchi says:

I looked at this movie because I was searching lot of Online earning method Than I found GenPayOne. Dollars does not meant to myself I am earning more than 3000$ in a month. GenPayOne is best way to earn online. I would recommend you GenPayOne.

Daniel Pollard says:

HAHAHA I played runescape for a little and now I own 4 buisnesses that was so funny!

Tyga Lightningz says:

Dude what wud yu recommend for me to buy and sell as I’ve only got 700K atm. I wanna aim for at least more than 1mil. Plz reply and help me!

Mark Isayev says:

Works great just made 100k profit

TheFunnyKing says:

he sayed u can sell fish just what ever you wan’t

prondoxth says:

terrible money making

Frotasic says:



KIL3RP says:

thanks dude tested it and about to use it and get riches lol

Will Thornley says:

god ive made like 20 mil in bout 1 month

XxgodismyrockxX says:

No…I said that multiple times in the video…

XxgodismyrockxX says:


XxgodismyrockxX says:

It will work, but keep it to yourself.

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