How to make money fast in Forza 3

How to make money fast in Forza 3
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John Fredton says:

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The shivering current engineers the condition.
The wiry grass designs the harmony.
The group litigates the itchy limit.

Andrés Caro says:

Check out my hubpage on how to make a few bucks online :) hub. me/ aekvN (Remember to put it all together)

Alexis Reynoso says:

That’s if you have online

Delores Kelley says:

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ahmad alvi says:

Hey, have you seen the Zerlux Cash Code (search google)? There are these wonderful methods that teach you how to make extra money online with your computer.

TheJDOG148 says:

environment – benchmark ring?

jake mckay says:

thats gay

LBHS5672 says:

No shit it’s a DLC

Graham Greschuk says:

i cant find benchmark track and layout a.

TheJami763 says:

Thats nowt! lol i can earn that in doing a mini cooper up and selling it on for profit,
For everyone who watches this i would recommend buying a car not to expensive and doing stuff to it and making it look like and selling it at the auction for profit :)

Zech Craig says:

hi can anybody gift me d toyota gt one plz my gt is MID LAND ZETA

Frederik Kluiver says:

I know something much better, if you want to know, ask me!

SniperKing224 says:

sweet!:) btw i make custom designs/ vinyils for 1000-5000 depending on how complex, i can make anything, message me on here thx

fongusman says:

There is a square. You drive around it! Not in the hangars…
When you start the race, you just drive to the left of the hangar. And cut all the corners 😉

boomchicken97 says:

What does he mean by the inside of the course?

QuikScope2 says:

999,999,999 CR. Free lifetime CR refills if you run low. Only 1600 MP. email me at or message me here on youtube. I’ll give you more information on how it’s done. (can be done in 15 minutes and the best part is that I don’t want or need your Xbox Live account.) Also, I can prove to you ahead of time so that you know it’s not a scam. Thanks.

zondafpapa says:

i have 1.4 million, but im not willing to waste all of my money buying 1 car. some suggestions for some sub $400,000 cars. give me tons of suggestions PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!

xKonvey says:

Will sell 999m for just $10 paypal. Cheapest price, I will even give 20 mil before payment as proof.

TinyKILL96 says:

ive done the duplacation glitch so i have hundreds of ferrari 250 gto’s (the 20million one) so gift me a buggati veryron and i will gift you one. When you gift me the car message me your gamer tag and i will gift it to you my xbox live is iPrO K1LLA and this is not a fake if you whant proof i will race you in the car i am gifting you !!! and if you whant money you can sell it on auction for like 13 million !!!

LeThalxBlood says:

omg i just finished a 50 lap race on it right win i won my xbox froze FML

SnoTrooper19 says:

Once I tried this today, I’m like- “This is awesome!” 5 laps later I went head first into tires……

to480 says:


851852093114208513 says:

That’s like me saying, “Would I still like the same music if I was black?” It holds no purpose to speculate. Whatever, though. Roughly, 30/50 laps = $40,000/$80,000 so… 30/70 = 40,000/…

Roughly 93,000 credits. Have fun with that knowledge -.-

to480 says:

i know i did it ones it can only be 50 laps but i am just saying if there is 70 laps not saying there are 70 laps am just figuring ok iam not saying that there are 70 laps max ok !

851852093114208513 says:

You can’t do 70 laps. It’s impossible. As such, it doesn’t matter how much money you would make in such a situation, for such a situation is unattainable. You could just do some algebra to figure it out if you really wanted to, but that would mean nothing, because, for the last time, it is completely and positively impossible to do a race of 70 laps, because the most laps you can do at once is 50. Get it?

to480 says:

ok i am going to explain (what if ) if you dont understand my language or grammer i ment what if there is 70 laps it will take 30 min but how much money i will get ?

851852093114208513 says:

I’m assuming that you don’t speak English, because I’ve seen trolls with better grammar than you. There is no “what if.” The cap is 50. That’s that. There’s no room to move around or do this or that, it just is as it is. I don’t think that any of this will translate very well into whatever language you speak, but still, your comment was blunt and ill-informed, and I provided a concise, appropriate answer. There’s nothing beyond that to think about, really.

to480 says:

have you readed the comments i ment what if ?

851852093114208513 says:

Do an endurance race in the class of the car you have, turn off the assists and run manual with clutch, it isn’t hard. Boom, tons of money. Or just go to Benchmark A and set it to 50 laps against hard AI in a private lobby, and cut the inside of the track the whole time. Easy 150,000 or 90,000 credits respectively.

851852093114208513 says:

The limit is 50.

bobothehobo1995 says:

I will give anyone max money/xp for free. My gt is balistic demise

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