How to Get Fast EXP and Money in Pokemon X and Y

How to Get Fast EXP and Money in Pokemon X and Y
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Nathalie Mykløy says:

i use amuletcoin+elite four.

Trevor Philips says:

on the first side of lumiose city where sycamores lab is, The pokemon
center has a guy in a blue suit that will also give you rewards for
This just saves the hassle of doing what he did.

Jomaykiomie Roman says:

Add the Happy Hour move

pokeperson78 says:

Like 365 Dislike 5
Who dislikes?

wweniggaplz says:

when i go to the pokemom website it wont put the rare candey on my game.
What do i do. Do i need pokemom x at the same time as computer. or do i do
it from the 3ds. What do i do????

im bored says:

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Charles Lee Ray says:

Is this faster then using Luck incense with the pokemon league over and

PokemonBattles11 says:

How to Get Fast Money and Levels in Pokemon X and Y

superssjgohan son says:

ev train your Pokemon’s before doing this

max john says:

Did he say omelette coin?

Dobin Kim says:

OMG you are awesome

Camiel Chan says:

i put my three legendary in the front moltres yvelta mewtwo and the
waitresses got owned

Ichigo Kurosaki says:

@PokemonBattles11 how do u get poke miles??

Poke Star says:

for some reasons i like your voice

Gretchen Immel says:

where do you sell the big mushrooms and little mushrooms?

Humaid Sheikh says:


Erik Maddeb says:

High sushi roller is the most expensive dining place not resteraunt le wow 

Towi Rimas says:


Burak Ayan says:


Towi Rimas says:

The rare candy didnt shlw up thanks for waisting my miles…

julioimlmfao says:

You just realized this Max..? ._.

RokGaming says:

Buy a 3ds with the modded capture card installed or buy the capture card
kit and install it yourself. $200 for kit $400 for preinstalled

Wintel Jr says:

Thanks alot

mzzmzz101 says:

Thanks for the help! 😀

xErraMC says:

I leaved a Like Button 😉

Jimmy Feng says:

Hey bro, this is chineseking on ns! I want to battle you soon! nice vids :)

Getsuga Tenshou says:

How do you screen capture Nintendo 3ds games?

Megalithic Mew says:

where do you got them again?

Guildmaster Wigglytuff says:

Actually there’s another restaurant, I am yet to try it because it costs
500 000 pokédollars

jedimastu says:

Just spent Poke Miles, got over 50 Rare candies!

supersmasher246 says:

another way is going too elite 4 then putting a amulet coin on your Pokémon
so you make tons of money and get a lot of exp

lex187 says:

Could someone tell me how do i breed stealth rocks to a aggron please help

TheDestroyer73 says:

nice tips but i dont really recommend the rare candy tip though since you
dont rly gain the EV train stats like you would when battling D=

Gerardo Castillo says:

Thanks, now I have 600 pokeballs and have 1,000,000 money

Zeref17 says:

Thanks for the tips man, I need to money to get myself a Y Charizardite

Lumpyrox says:

Thanks mate, my character is so poor, thanks for the tip (pun unintended)
However, what levels are the people’s pokemon in the cafe le yeah and stuff?

louisng114 says:

you should try to match the turn numbers as the one they suggested in the

frankie43081 says:

I trade u a shiny for aggronite

Billy Bob says:

Love you so much thanks *Very Homo*


After an hour at restaraunt le wow i was able to get a full set of clothes
from the boutique couture at lumiouse city and i still have 500k
pokedollars left 😀

captainspero8 says:

Luv u no homo

VcStudent says:

Dude love the videos! helpful tips forsure. keep it up 😀

jacobspencer04 says:

I been new this. As you make it up to grand duke, you gain more exp and
money when you fight gymleaders and elite fourmembers and the champion.

shawin shiv says:

Elite 4

Damion Farfan says:

my pokemiles wont show on my global link

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