GTA V Online – Violent Duct (After Patch) Fast Money + Level Up (9k In 3 Minutes)

GTA  V Online – Violent Duct (After Patch) Fast Money + Level Up  (9k In 3 Minutes)
Watch this Video and Make Money Fast!

Check Out This Other Video vThis mission is Violent Duct you get it from Gerald around level 15 or so everytime you do it you get 15 Jp, 9k Cash and 1200 RP (Hard). AFTER…

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erso bro says:

WTF 17 lvl AK-47??:DDDD

KayumsVideos says:

Lol you sad pricks the whole point of online was to start it from the bottom making money by doing missions and races legitly , replaying one mission with high pay isnt legit stop fucking crying and earn money how you were apposed too , glitches and exploites are called those names for reasons dumbasses and remember you bought GRAND THEFT AUTO V , you didnt pay that amount for GTA online twats single player was sik they just need to sort online out and then gta online will be sik

DeathGamer117 says:

There is a mission called Potshot. its in the jobs list it gets you $7000 in about 3 mins but u dont have to shoot up a whole gang just 2 guys on the bridge

Cod Zombies, GTA 5 & MORE Community Channel - Glitches, Easter Eggs,Tips says:

So awesome that a video I actually made and wasn’t submitted got 20k views really makes me want to make more!

sleepingpandasgaming says:

Did the same thing got about 300k

Cod Zombies, GTA 5 & MORE Community Channel - Glitches, Easter Eggs,Tips says:

It’s been patched!

Cod Zombies, GTA 5 & MORE Community Channel - Glitches, Easter Eggs,Tips says:

You get it from gerald but I think it;s been patched again.

Jimmie Haynie says:

how do I find it

Aleksandar Živić says:

Hey guys when i do the violent duct mission i put it in hard and i never died and it gave 3000 what do i do?

sumaya yassin says:

its patched

justplaygam3z says:


*NEW GTA 5 GLITCH found 13/10/13*

DrewamoxFTW says:

Hey guys if you’re looking for a crew try us ‘THE BGS’ we are a new Grand Theft Auto Online PS3 crew built up of active players who want to have some fun and kick some ass, we are currently in open recruiting but if required we will have to put it on invite only so come and join today whilst were open, just search The BGS in ‘crews’ today !

oRyannx says:

what level do u have to be to do this

DJRoast Prince says:

you couldve just sold the ‘range rover’ looking truck for 8k..

Jeremy Whitehouse says:

when i get bored i spam settled out of court mission martin gives you you only gotta kill 1 guy in a car and drive the package back with no enemys chasing you or 9k and he usually gives it to you i guess depening on ur level

MrTumnusGaming says:

I just don’t like that they patched it, I mean we bought the game with our own money and we should be able to do what wr want with it.

dante chips says:

wtf happend with nthe grapich?

Bob Watson says:

I’ll tell you what they’re going to do. They’re releasing ALL of the DLC’s for free.

Connor Stewart says:

I think that Meth’d Up or that other 9000k mission will be the new money making mission.

AxleLIVE says:

totally fed up with R*. The least they could do is leave the damn mission at 9k and repeatable UNTIL they fix their shit involving character deletions. Their just as greedy as any other game company crying for money. What, did they not get enough from the 1.8 million they made at release?

iZept says:

Yea only 3k

Ryan Zin says:

hitting r2 wont work now

Brandon Baker says:

I made only 200k from this i wish i abused it more.

DueDiamond76819 says:

just got patched. now only 3,000$

Alex Musgrove says:


Shane Kovacs says:

What level do players have to b e before it unlocks?

Habbo gandor says:

Its changed to 3000.

Metal Gear Online says:

This got patched today

Juan Laboy says:

and for all you people who dont know this you can replay missions still i do it everyday since the update but if someone joins in session itll fuck it up and you wont be able to replay

Juan Laboy says:

This mission is shit lol theres a mission that gives you 25k and same rp get more money in way less time missions called base invaders from ron did it so many times made over 3 mill

MightyN0ob says:

Rockstar did a hot fix,

This mission no longer gives you 9k, they dropped it down to 3k. Dont believe me? Try it for yourself.

Josh Beech says:

Looking for a player rank 55 or 75 or over to host message me gamertag: PooCrums

YTGhost says:

Ive got 3 k ..

IcthlarinBand says:

For all of you bitching, in 2 weeks heists and stock markets will be added so shut the fuck up,

porty pibe says:

Well I got a mission from martin for 9k all u gotta do is shoot someone at a light pick up his briefcase take to frankins area

Yobroz100 says:

its all been patched, fucking cunts … typical lol

Michael Altevers says:

P.S. here are my duel middle fingers to compliment you shit way of doing things.t(>_

Michael Altevers says:

I’m selling GTA V. Rockstar is just as bad as EA. Greedy pricks who are more worried about people getting nice cars than those losing characters etc etc. I will NEVER buy any game associated with rockstar again. Now there is no way to earn good money and and micro transactions wont come back for god knows how long. Great job Fuckstar for ruining what could have been a good game. Losers.

MurDerMoDz says:

3 k now wow

Declan Kemp says:

They patched it because they want you to pay real money for in game money, Rockstar are dicks.

King Dyablo says:

also “no hay bronca” has been patched down to 5k !

FuckBrent says:

I just got this mission does Gerald call me or do i request a job?

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