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GTA 5 – How To Make MONEY ONLINE! ($250k + AN HOUR!) – AFTER PATCH
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killa kam says:

now i have a headache

RanjidZombies says:

No,but it don´t cares me

MrKeeganimal says:

I don’t think you get the joke, my friend

MrKeeganimal says:

THANK YOU, the amount that do not realise this

RanjidZombies says:

1st im not English and in German you say it so sorry
2nd RIP=Rest in Peace what you sad is Rest in Peace in Peace English
3rd and the you say Rest in Peace English *facepalm*

UniquezzMS says:

it’s a fucking online meme to say RIP in peace…

James Culf says:


ndbubbles says:


ndbubbles says:

You’re correct  Rb-R1 RT-R2

ndbubbles says:

Totally pointless,they don’t lose any profits by us utilising the glitch.
Well saying that i suppose they want us to purchase in game cash with real money when it comes online… Nooooooo thank you

Boloxias says:

It is weird they put it there if in the end they end up getting rid of its Use, kinda pointless.

Boloxias says:

use your mind eh, R2 I think it is.

chikoriko993 says:

Nice video, and it’s a different method to work from home. My partner been working from home after studying Bankroll Blogging Book. In fact, I made $567 yesterday :). Search google for the words Bankroll Blogging Book to discover how you can to.

VirtualSkills says:

You are actually terrible at this game LOL

Shan Malek says:

what is this mission called?

dfsff6 says:

I couldn’t understand…plz tell me how to make easy cash…

gingerbreadg3t says:

is RT actually R2 on the ps3? i thought RB was R1?

Mike Corbett says:

Jonny- on order for you to get violent duct u can’t call him. Wait for him to text u a mission then u do it. No matter what mission it is u do it for him. Do Not Call Him! He will text u or send u a job called violent duct or barronca something I can’t remember the name for the second one on that it has barronca on it

mohamedm321 says:

theres no rt for the ps3 only xbox

ndbubbles says:

I don’t see why they patched it,if they made the missions more fun would be no issue leveling up.

PlatanoSalesman says:

Something I forgot to mention, first you have to either like or dislike the mission, then you can press RT/R1 to replay it.

PlatanoSalesman says:

Hey guys just an fyi, once you finish the mission and get to the screen where you choose to either like or dislike the mission is where you will press RT on the 360 or R1 (I think) on the PS3.

You won’t actually see an option to do so but once you press the RT/R1 button the mission should restart.

Good luck.

1MadSkills says:

Whats RT on the Playstation 3?

far0cry0freak says:

Wtf ? Is this still possible on ps3 and can you guys pls explaint it ….. Step by Step

Jonny R says:

I’ve called him about 20 times, have they patched it?

TheWertyu4 says:

are people still having trouble playing this ? wow lucky for me i only had trouble the first couple hours

TheWertyu4 says:

too late rockstar most likely already knows

ButtersTheGamer says:

Fucken idiot everybody knew this already

Jonny R says:

You must be new to the internet.

Leonard Dolson says:

Yea smart, post ok utube so they can find out about it again dumbass

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