GTA 5 How to get a GIRLFRIEND Fast And Easy!

GTA 5 How to get a GIRLFRIEND Fast And Easy!
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GTA 5 How to get a GIRLFRIEND – (Grand Theft Auto V Girlfriend) So getting a girlfriend in GTA 5. Can be a long Process, Making the time to get a girlfriend …

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SeparhineGoldis says:

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Lastly I found the PC version. Those from SKIDROW with people at Razor have managed to make the PC version.
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Maybe someone scam u lol joke

awsomeman746 says:

Foxy  mama 21 at 0:40 is michaels wife Amanda

Falko Scholz says:

Who himself good and beutiful poeple how think .And God eat believe.
Please that bank shot number 10 $ money translate.
2 0 4 0 6 0 0 0 2 9 9 1 1 8 4 9 2 0 0 1

MrKilluuuu says:

Still trying to get 2 strippers to invite me to one place see if that works or not I finish the game in 3 nights got over 45 mill for each character but you spend half in house , Business and girls

MrKilluuuu says:

I get the strippers they are random depending of character one will sleep with F and T but not M and another will sleep only with F, one gives you BJ’s while driving to her apartment, that may also be random. The web site I have not being able to get any response so I think is a scam web site, if any one one has experience making it work let me know what girl and what bottom to press.

Gevante Smith says:

Add me a psn thebiggoodbosste

sean seagraves says:

aww yeeeeeeeeeea!

thor asgard says:

You compare CoD to GTA? You’re retarded.

dale14ism says:

add me psn Captaindale15

dale14ism says:

please give me this game for ps3. I beg u

xXxtbagxXx1 says:

Foxy mama is Amanda micheals wife

MrMrsBrownsboys says:

The ringing at the end was the sound a blackberry PlayBook makes when its low battery it made me jump because i thought it was mine

Kemalspo4 says:

This thumbnail damn!

T3KTONIT says:

GTA 5 = Open world game, free roam etc.
Black ops = first person shooter…

you can’t compare two games from different types…

Aizec300 says:

You compare CoD to GTA? You’re retarded.

stuart moffat says:


adam132530 says:

add me people so we can play online together psn: purekill665

Brad McDermott says:

hey dude, just saw some of ur vids and i gotta say nice work! i love seeing some talented people finally make some good and insightful vids! defs a sub form me bro :)

dogloverfff says:

nice video, love it, :)

MikehPVR says:

how come u go from american to english to welsh?

jaimitoroman1 says:

Ain’t even as good as it seems , I still play black ops more

jaimitoroman1 says:

Ya broke ass niggas needa get a fuckin job nd buy it ya own damn selfs . Smg

Daydragon1234 says:

Nice lol.

xCodClipsTV says:


PinoyBoiAko says:

I need a copy for Xbox! This spammer is going around using your name to trick people. Not cool. This game looks so amazing!

Casper Kane says:

cool as hell

Candice Fandrei says:

Do you have to be on Xbox LIVE to do this message and mission I’ve tried to cheat codes in everything and nothing is working do you have any ideas on how to make this work

TheOneAndOnly2234 says:

I would love an Xbox360 copy pls

TransAMZ31 says:


Hayday Funday says:

Please, I really want GTA V for the Xbox. I love watching your videos, and I swear I have watched every GTA video on youtube. Also all my friends have it. I would absolutely love if I got GTA. So Please pick Me.

fatboyjones2 says:

lemme get that copy for xbox my man!

jaelin mccall says:

Bout to cry I dont have the game

LiamGamesTV says:

this is jokess

ok8374747 says:

gta 5 how to a girlfriend spot on lol nice one bro

ok8374747 says:


iCocox z says:

xbox please

Daycor7639 says:

ps3 please ;D

lilbob18rs says:

Ps3 please?

SkAtEcLoWn100 says:

Please give me the game I need it this is the only way I can get it please for Xbox 360 please?

Tyler Simone says:

this channel is cool i need a copy for xbox LiamMatthewWells probably your youngest subscriber tahathahaaha hopefully u see this!!!!

Martin Howard says:

Bro I’ve been following u for a while man

Martin Howard says:

Bro GTA 5 for ps3


yes finally you say something lolo jk

film-makergamer says:

GTA 5 for Xbox

angel torres says:

gta5 xbox

Oldsnake54321 says:

ps3 please

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