GTA 5 – How to Buy & Sell Properties (Stores, Penthouses & Apartments) (GTA V)

GTA 5 – How to Buy & Sell Properties (Stores, Penthouses & Apartments) (GTA V)
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Grand Theft Auto 5 (GTA 5) introduces buying Property and Houses, Stores, Penthouses and more! Manage them wisely and you could make some serious bank! ▻ Ple…

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DonLaTino05 says:

Does any one know if you can buy houses from Lenny Avery and how ? because they show 15 pictures of houses to get ??!!

Shropple says:

he also doesnt show how to buy apartments

BirkinXBL says:

Does anyone know what the benefits/consequences of succeeding/failing at the property management missions?

Shropple says:

You can only sell the company’s you invest in on markets

12OunceProphet says:


oObsidianGaming says:

Lol at the marijuana shop.. “you’re definitely gonna take a hit initially”

Eyelessdave says:

“Practice in the single player so you can get really good for doing it online”
You need to practice the super complicated procedure of right clicking on the D-pad twice?

Eyelessdave says:

Gimmick to get views. Everyone be all like “How do I sell these properties?” and then this will probably be the only video on how to do it, because you can’t lol

TheGerudan says:

That example is form the Cab business btw. Most other properties have a similar break even point of around 75 to 125 weeks. The Some on the Water acutally seems to be one of the best with “only” about 22 ingame weeks (which still is like 60+ real hours).

TheGerudan says:

“Well worth the investment..:”

No they aren’t. You pay 200.000 and get 2.000 a week, so you need 100 ingame weeks, to break even. How fast does the game progress? 2 real minutes for 1 ingame hour or something like that? Let’s just say 1 ingame hour takes 1 real minutes, just to account for sleeping/saving the game. So you have 24 minutes per ingame day times 7 for a ingame week times 100. That equals 280 REAL hours of playtime or almots 11 real days!

SilentKnight1000 says:

recently finished the game? How can I help my managers whose stores I own? I keep getting txt msg to help them but I don’t know how? Please Help?

ShadowzTheHusky says:

What Multiplayer? there is none yet… few weeks away

Cripton805 says:

Only 12 properties? Well that sucks… I’m going to hold off on this game now. I usually like GTA games for the side missions, properties, and money making businesses. I want to own the world in this game!

andrzej tillman says:

you cant

mazlum56789 says:

How do sell cars on gta v single player?

SnipinTakesSkillz says:


Boki T says:

You can’t sell or buy penthouses, houses or apartments. You can only do that in multiplayer.

Thirdwatchandgta says:

Where are the penthouses and other houses to live in, I can’t find then?!

WDGTreatz says:

How do you sell them?!!

Crystal Gard says:

helped out thanks.

MrOriginalMan4 says:

take a hit immediately ………lol

Johnny Doe says:

Kila Squad War Lords. Ps3 users join now.

RinOKiLLaSwAg says:

will you please be buying some more????

Diztmisti says:

Why i dont have any houses to buy, but i have all the shops to buy

Jelz Sa says:

The webpage is for online. Go to the map and find available safe houses.

InZaneImpacT says:

i’ve completed the game. the webpage still does not work.

Godi226 says:

U cant even walk in to most of the business either

Godi226 says:

U cant sell properties…. This guy dont kno what hes talking about…. Why do you need to practice walking up to a sign and pressing right twice?

alex ridge says:

You didn’t say how to sell properties?

noniigee says:


MegaPoooper says:

I want to flip homes and have profit places to

mrwhatever213 says:

In the browser when you pull up your GTA net. type in Lenny Avery.


The houses are placed around the map. If you pause it should be right under the player icon in the menu bar, and you can scroll through them with your D-pad to quick select them. Certain properties can only be bought by certain characters. I’m not positive, but I believe the properties site on the in game phone is for multiplayer so players can buy different houses and apartments for their online character. I could very well be wrong though.


which mission ?

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