Best way to make money in GTA 5!

Best way to make money in GTA 5!
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purna shrestha says:

I bet it’s just luck though to earn money using that strategy? The strategy I managed to work from home everyday is by implementing Crib Cash Generator. My partner has been making money from home for 3 months now. Search Google for Crib Cash Generator, its awesome.

Perke Le says:

You do know that this is a video game right?

myboq02 says:

Look. Awesome video! But hands down the best method to earn money from home is with Money Token Express. Just search for it on Google. Easy.

Cycolon says:

It has been updated. But if u delete the patch (39 mb) u will be able to do it again. have fun.

zerocool1ist says:

Yea it was patched out so this trick no longer works if u have updated your console.

Alexander Everaert says:

Fastest way to get 35 million finish the story with a crew that asks 4 %

JFresh1520 says:

Someone please help! Everytime I go down there in the right location there is coral over any so called briefcase. How do I get rid of the coral?

David Dascalu says:

It’s US not U6 . FLY US

MrToxication420 says:

There’s a lot easier way just dive get the brief case then switch then switch back and get the briefcase again repeat

Perke Le says:

You get $20 mil to each character when you finish the game and more than that from the other missions so this guide is basically for people who want to have a lot of money in the middle of the game to mod cars or something.

Luis Estrella says:

Damn this is fools gold.

Brandon1267 says:

or just take a boat and diving gear (sonar boat)

1968DodgeCharger440 says:

u can stay under waterand change too franklin or trevor

jonathan booth says:

im sick to dearth of seeing the same old making money shit in this game….

ohMidori says:

there is no money cheat, stupid cunt 

dutch playtv says:

you can stay under water, than you switch and switch back. you don’t need to save game

Hans Wurst says:

Where is the sense in expoiting a bug/exploit for getting money when u could easily cheat it? I mean ur using a “swim faster cheat”, just use a money cheat ?

brumakriders says:


dragondemond123 says:

Or switch to a different character then switch back again if you keep you person where the money is you should get 12,000 again

Wally West says:

Lol, “Sorry bitch try again!”

sorry but thats just priceless, you need to get laid

Wally West says:

“Sorry bitch try again.” Wow what the fuck has this world come to, filled with pathetic pricks that I pity everyday. Jeez whats make you so god dam sour kid?

Masterrulaxx says:

Best way? lol
Just finish the game you get 20 million per character… buy the god damn cinema and it will give you around 120k a week ingame

kalkanciii says:

Is there any higher then 25k cuz i need for golf club

epicmanxX123 says:

U dont have to save dummy and u can stay under water and switch then go back and ur air is still there and it’s better to go to the 25 k one

BoMRevolutioN says:

Whaha he is taking his laziness level to the max.

Beards88 says:

$25,000 at the submarine and it regenerates

MrJexTG says:

I want Money without swimming in the ocean…

viperRX says:

great stuff!

TheWafflePotato says:

Woo, private jet here I come.

Perke Le says:

Updated description :)

DutchGalaxyGamers says:

Isn’t there anything I can do unlmited times? like robbing the shops or driving taxi but something that earns a bit more a bit faster?

-Sir WESLEE- says:

Man the underwater scenery in this game is just so amazing, seeing a shark in the water while your swimming makes you almost feel nervous for a second…but how come we can’t use or guns in the water? or have i just not gotten far enough in the game to do so? i was in the middle of the fucking ocean one time cuz my jet ski died on me and than a shark showed and all i could use was a knife looking hopeless, was a instant fail lol

Angus McCloud says:

just get the scuba gear from elysian island all you do is jump on the black boat by the dock then you turn on the headlights exit and bam! scuba gear!

xXPETTISXx says:

could you make a video of where is that 25k brief or is it easy to find ? can u explain how to get to it from this one ?

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