Best Way to Get UNLIMITED MONEY in Grand Theft Auto V with Submarine / Scuba Gear (GTA 5 Glitches)

Best Way to Get UNLIMITED MONEY in Grand Theft Auto V with Submarine / Scuba Gear (GTA 5 Glitches)
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Best way to get unlimited money in GTA V using Submarine / Scuba gear! Easy Grand Theft Auto 5 Glitch tutorial. Leave a LIKE! ▻Creator:…

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GreenVenom says:

Creator here & thanks bryson for uploading this & guys once you get the
money quickly switch characters, than switch back.

JuicyEditzz says:


Tayyaba jamal says:

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Julie Ravn says:

wow! aloha This is so hot # Thanks to this I got GTA 5. Always I am playing
it : bit.lyGTA5free

Top 10 says:

this is patched !!!

xZeroStrike says:

Lol, you can find the money indeed (couldnt grab it I died, but I did find
something else lol) but you can also find a gun (SMG, I believe)
somewhere… in the water you can see the back of a wrecked plane lying
down and if you can find it you will also find a skeleton of a dinosaur
mayby, or it was a bigass fish who died there 😛

Ariful hossan says:

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Finn Kilford says:

You’ve got a two balled lion? Way to go.

fixingcloth493 says:

My name is Bryson

MicEpicHD says:

If you have two characters in different water locations where those pick
ups are located.

jack carter says:

if you switch out characters when you get the money it works

chevato7611 says:

Has this gone now with the update?

james s says:

Yeah but you did not explain about switching from character to character
get it more money from it keep going back and forward you get loads of
money it is unlimited if you keep doing that you’re keep getting it

i Devs says:

i got 200 mil 😀 SUCKER

Evun Cook says:

there’s a 25k location

Evun Cook says:

lol i got 30 million

unhairyape2 says:

Or just finish the game and have 20 million on each character.

Samuli Leino says:


MisterJP1987 says:

low Budget =)

RaNd0mGaMeRzZ says:

there is a brief case with 25k in there. just to make it quicker

GreenVenom says:

Big deal, I wrote than instead of then, great job you’re pro at correcting

Harley Cheunjit says:


Joe Naes says:

Thats not even a glitch

Trad Al hmoud says:

Or u can stay underwater switch players and get more cash

russell camonayan says:

where is the board at?

russell camonayan says:

where is the board at?

Mike Cummings says:

Do u know about the no country for old men easter egg ,u get 250, 000

James Hewlett says:

switch character then switch back and the cash is there again…

Searchforalaugh says:

Yeah what a shame. On closed systems like consoles you cant just change in
the memory so you need videos like that :-/

Adrian Brody says:

Hows it a glitch exacly?

The Silent Troll Defuser HD says:


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